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About Chimera

We began this project with the main desire of working with the Kinect system and to expand on its ability to capture gesture.  It’s an exciting new field of motion capture because of the three-dimensional environment it can detect. Instead of minimizing the space in which you play, we want to capitalize on the environment and your and ability to move in it.

+ not aimed for small children, it was intentionally made for people with problem solving abilities; the type of person who also enjoys a challenge
+ this game does not require its users to have previous computing experience since it is a “nui”; users will draw from their own intuitive reactions to interact with the game

+ users will test their problem solving abilities, using both logic and basic reasoning to navigate through the various stages of the game
+ the most valuable experience of this game is the collaborative effort to solve challenging puzzles. It’s supposed to be mentally stimulating, yet fun
+ each game uses unique gestures to complete tasks
+ de-emphasize the competitive aspect of games and focus on teamwork; no scoring system

+ envisioned space is open community setting in order to encourage collaboration
+ ie. office lounge, common areas and recreational centers
+ also suitable for private space such as a home living room

+ collaboration is the main emphasis, solves the problem solving process

+ users must figure out the movements and gestures they need to make to win games and unlock levels
+ a system of lights and feedback are also necessary to assure the user whether they are appropriate or not in their actions


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