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Conceptual Design

For our Kinect game, we focused on the aspect of collaboration rather than competition as a source of engagement for players. Many games on the market pit people against each other, and we wanted to move away from that and use the system for its teamwork capabilities.

Chimera draws inspiration from games such as Myst or Portal, where players are presented with a situation and must figure out how to proceed from that point. For Chimera, we wanted players to use natural gesture in order to investigate their surroundings. This means jumping, rolling, waving, walking, dashing, digging, whatever it may take for users to complete a task and move on to the next puzzle. In the beginning, we envisioned a labyrinth system of connected rooms, where one puzzle sits in each room; players can only move on when the puzzle has been completed. Ideally, the completed version of the game would allow for a choice between one or two players – for TUI, we focused on developing aspects of the two player option since we wanted to emphasize the collaborative capabilities of Kinect.

++ Here are some Conceptual Design games we came up with  that emphasize teamwork between two players ++

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